Root Radius Make It True Collateral

Joey Thompson’s awesome hand lettering for Make It True shines on rustic pieces like the recycled Guided notebooks and binders. I have such fun with the Root Radius branding, that I had to print a few Make It True onesies too. 

Dustin and I get into a great rhythm when screen printing. It’s a method where you often need two sets hands – especially if you want to work quickly and your studio set up is a little cramped. We’ve found that production focused projects like this are an awesome time for us to catch up and talk. It’s like date night, but with aprons and ink.  

It’s awesome to work for a company that encourages our dream of running a studio. I have big ideas for Mad & Dusty, but for now I love learning to balance work, life, and art. Big thanks to the team at Root Radius for letting us work on their workshop collateral!