Local Makers: Brandon Woodhead of Wyld Hair

I met Brandon at Reformation, so it's kind of perfect that he will be joining us this Saturday at the Mash! Beard oil, the stuff smells so good! Sometimes I use just a bit on the ends of my hair. Can't let Dusty bask in this stuff alone! :) Read on to hear a bit of Brandon's story and be sure to join us at the Mash at Reformation, Saturday from 5-8!


What do you make?

Beard Oil and Hair Care products

How did you get started making?

After trying to grow a beard for No Shave November and not making it past the 3 week mark, I wanted to find something that helped the itch and was reasonably priced.

What does your average day look like?

When I work on Wyld Hair, my average day is a little bit of everything from chemist to aroma connoisseur.


What inspires you to keep making? 

For me getting outdoors gets me creative again. Whether it be hiking, camping, or simply helping cleanup a local park.

What is the hardest lesson you learned through your business/creative process?

Not everything you make is a success, but everything is a learning opportunity.

What's the best part about doing what you do?

I love helping people take care of themselves - doing something they normally wouldn't do for themselves.

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