Local Makers: Jennifer Griffin of Jennifer Griffin Studios

I can't think of a better maker to be present on the 28th! It's also Reformation's Harry Potter celebration. YAY! I love the many ways Jennifer brings imagination and story to life. I'm always blown away by her work. Read on below to see what I mean!

What do you make?

I'm a costume and costume accessory designer, mixed media artist, themed wedding designer, and conceptual art photographer.

How did you get started making?

Years ago, after my first child was born I started designing hair accessories, costumes, fabric toys, bow ties and flat caps for my kids. That led into creating for other people and thus my shop opened.

What does your average day look like?

Since my kids are still at home and young, I spend most of my day "momming." But when they get to bed, or during school hours, I get my journal out to look at the ideas I've jotted down to start a new project. Or if I have custom orders I work on those. Then there is the customer service portion of the business. I spend lots of time in communication with my customers to be sure I am giving them the best quality and the best of my creativity.

What inspires you to keep making work? 

If I am in a rut, I try to step away and go for a walk in the woods. Recently though, I have been very stagnate and a walk in the woods didn't cut it. So, I spent 2 weeks in Scotland and I think it changed my entire creative level. My inspiration comes from nature and my cultural heritage, and the Scottish country side and forests were the culmination of both of those inspirations.

What is the hardest lesson you learned through your business/creative process?

Not being supported by one's circle is hard. I think this was the hardest thing for me to deal with. In art, regardless of medium, an artist puts a bit of their soul into their work. When the art is then rejected, it is hard to not take it personal. It feels as if it is a personal rejection.

What's the best part about doing what you do?

There are two things that I love about what I do. The first, making my customers feel like they are the unique and beautiful creatures they are. Especially brides. Most of the custom work I do is for themed weddings or hand fasting ceremonies. It's such an honor to be apart of something so special, but even more, knowing that the bride & groom fell like they are really in the fairytale they created. Making their romance come to life in a tangible way. The second is the personal satisfaction from creating in this world, the things from the world in my head. I have loads of ideas and designs in my head, being able to create those in real life is quite satisfying.

What are you working on now?

I am actually working on a collaboration with a few other artists. However, it is hush hush right now, so we will have to just wait and see when the project is done. It will be epic. That's all I can really say about it. But just for Jenifer Griffin Studios, I am working on a few photo shoots for the fall based on a fan fiction of the 1980's movie Labyrinth with David Bowie, and another shoot based on the original tales of the Brother's Grimm. So, a little on the dark side. With both of these, I get to create new characters or create my concept of old ones, and their costumes. Very exciting for me. All of which will be available for purchase after the shoots, which will be before Halloween. If you follow my social media, you can be looking for these costumes by the end of September, 2018. They are one of a kind so get them when they are released because chances are, they won't be available again.

View Jennifer's work on her site, Instagram, and Facebook! And don't forget to swing by the Maker's Mash this Saturday from 5-8 to shop her work in person!