Local Makers: Samantha Dickey of Dirty Beauty Skincare


Meet Samantha of Dirty Beauty! Come out and hang with us this weekend at the Maker's Mash at Reformation Brewery this Saturday from 5-8! 

First off, what do you make and how did you get started?

We make plant-based science-based skincare + cosmetics. We discovered that the ingredients in natural skincare are the same ingredients our grandparents grew on their family farms. We combined that with our love for technology + experience in Lab Science to develop a line of cosmetics that's driven by getting results - clear healthy looking skin!

What does your average day look like?

Our average day in the Lab is total Glad Science! We mix + measure just picked plants & flowers and fill beautiful earth-friendly bottles and jars. All day!

What inspires you?

We are inspired by men + women of all complexions that let us know that our product formulas make a positive difference in the way their skin looks. That makes them happy and us happy too! To stay fresh + focused, we rent a bike and head for the trails in downtown Woodstock!

What is the hardest lesson you learned through your business/creative process?

The hardest lesson is that it takes lots of time + trial + error to get good things right! And that the creative process requires us to SLOW DOWN!!!

What's the best part about doing what you do?

The best part is seeing clear healthy looking skin as a result of our science + math based efforts!

What are you working on now?

Customized + Personalized skincare in a snap! We want beauty seekers to come to our Lab and get their bespoke face mask + moisturizers in just minutes! 

We also LOVE introducing young people to STEM! We use beauty to let students know that math + science is creative & glamorous! (Check this video out! So awesome!!)

Keep up with Dirty Beauty on Facebook, Instagram and their site! Come out and hang this Saturday at Reformation Brewery from 5-8!