Luna Lovegood Coloring Card

Luna Lovegood Quote Coloring Card #MadLetters

I am an introvert. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this yet on the blog. But yeah! I’m pretty okay with it now, even though I used to not be at all. I thought I was literally the worst, because I would lock up in social situations. I even had a nervous yawn - not as cute or fun as it sounds. But I remember thinking, hey, maybe if I yawn, it will look like I’m super comfortable here. I might even seem like I’m bored at this party. (Being bored is what you think is super cool when you’re 16.) Now I know - that couldn’t be farther from the truth! The coolest people I know are endlessly and openly curious about everything!

I don’t really nervously yawn anymore - though sometimes I still catch myself. But I still get nervous. Which I found out surprises some people! I carpooled with my friend Aimee, and I was nervous to drive with a new person - because like what if I’m driving too fast or too slow or, gasp, make an erratic lane change?! The most terrifying person to drive with is a nervous driver. So I decided that if I just seem confident that will probably be okay. She was so surprised to hear that I was nervous about something like that, which in turn, surprised me!

I just learned that there might be four types of introversion: Social, Thinking, Anxious and Restrained. Most introverts are a combination of the four. This is where I fell on the scale:


Very interesting. So I am mostly a Thinking Introvert. I’m glad that there’s a term for it! I have a long drive to work, about an hour both ways and I constantly find myself thinking so deeply about things! Perhaps even too deeply. Here's what the article says about Thinking Introversion:

"Thinking introversion is a newer concept. People with high levels of thinking introversion don't share the aversion to social events people usually associate with introversion. Instead, they're introspective, thoughtful, and self-reflective. 'You're capable of getting lost in an internal fantasy world,' Cheek said. 'But it's not in a neurotic way, it's in an imaginative and creative way.' Think the dreamily imaginative Luna Lovegood, not the socially awkward Neville Longbottom."

Plus, I love any opportunity to be linked with Luna Lovegood. (I mean, this was pretty much my dad and I at my wedding. Spot on.)

P.S. Sew cute, right?!

I’m curious! Go take the quiz and let me know where you fall! 

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Happy coloring!