New Tool: Using Paperless Post for a Client's Nine Year Anniversary Party


I was so happy to help our local yoga studio celebrate their 9th year in business! It’s really a joy to do design work for them. I love that we have our own yoga studio! It’s one of those special businesses that makes Downtown Woodstock unique.

The owner of Ember Yoga, Margaret, and I knew we wanted to do something special for their anniversary party. (9 YEARS!) Yes, we could do a Facebook event and send out an email blast… but why not do something a little special and different? My sister-in-law has been using Paperless Post’s Flyer for birthday parties. (So convenient and CUTE!) I thought we could probably apply the same ease of use and do something fun for our members at Ember Yoga.

First we designed our Flyer. We were feeling a little fancy so we went with Lucille Ball’s Champagne gif and matched it up with some over the top font choices. (The template we used was called Ritz. Check it out here!) Why not go all out, eh?

We used Flyer’s email function to email all the current members. I love that members could RSVP right from the email - and I liked that we could see who opened the invite too! There’s even a follow up feature!

It was fun and easy to use, which in my book makes it so great for both personal parties and business events. If you’re looking for a bit of a different event experience, I’d give it a shot!