Sick Day

I’m so sick. Like snotty, coughy, toad voice sick. I took care of all my urgencies at work, and settled in for a day of watching my dog sleep in an e-collar (not pictured above, but look at his cast! More on that soon.). After about 10 minutes of feeling like this, I decided to use some of this time to discover new blogs. Exploring the web can feel like exploring a new city. You kind of just float from link to link and try to stay out of the sketchy areas. I always bookmark the places I want to go back to. I had a great folder of bookmarked links, but my old company must have finally deleted my email which was tied to my chrome history. So bye-bye three years of old friendly and faithful bookmarks. I was seriously bummed for like 10 minutes and then felt oddly relieved. (Those emotions are so often bundled together for me. You too?) Sometimes you don’t really want to start fresh, but that’s what you really really need!

Here are a few of my favorite blogs. Some new and some old.

This lady has it down.

I just found this one and I love it! Especially the Work We Do column.

This one seems really promising. I love the Non-Career Advice part. :)

Another all time fav! I met her in person once, and she is awesome! I love her Living with Kids column, even though I don’t live with kids. (I still live and sometimes act like a kid. I think it works.)

A good friend who has good recipes and an interesting story to tell.

What are your favorite blogs? What should I add to my brand new bookmarks folder?