Studio Update June

Madison and Dusty Beaulieu

Things have been pretty darn busy around here! Even so, we’ve been guarding our time pretty ferociously to enjoy all the summer things we missed last year. We’ve been able to hit the neighborhood pool, hang out with our sweet nephews, and go to a bluegrass concert in the park. Walks with Murphy. Yoga. We even visited the library. You guys! Summer! It's so great. Here's a few more fun things coming up:

Paint Love Supply Drive

Paint Love is hosting a supply drive! You can drop off any extra art supplies you have hanging around at the studio tomorrow, June 25th, from 10 - 1. Whether you have supplies or not, swing by the studio for a popsicle. If you can’t make it on Saturday, reach out! We can schedule a time to pick up / drop off! RSVP here, or just pop on by!

Rebranding Series

So you may have noticed things are looking a little different around here. YAY! We’re hard at work behind the scenes and sharing every minute of it with our mailing list. If you want in on the action, you can join the list here.

Personify Shop Guest Post

I wrote my first ever guest post! Check out the Personify Shop blog to see what summer looks like for me. Huge thanks to Maddie Morden for thinking of me.

Mike Monteiro and 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Presentations

I spent my lunch yesterday watching this talk on the ways designers are screwing up presentations. Yikes! I’m #guilty of almost all of these. The biggest takeaway from this was that as a designer, your goal should not be to make the client happy. Your goal should be to accomplish their business objectives. If you want to make clients happy, make them successful. Check it out if you want to laugh while getting truth bombed left and right.  

Plywood Presents

Friends! Plywood Presents is coming up! It’s my favorite time of the year. Plywood Presents is a gathering of problem solvers, and the speaking lineup this year is incredible. If you are wanting to get a fresh perspective on your business or just life in general, this would be a great community for you! Hope to see you there!

(Huge thanks to Angie Webb for our new photography!)