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Mad & Dusty Restyle Their Brand

His Why:
How To Build a Brand Mood Board

DUSTY: When we first started Mad & Dusty, it was our intention to showcase our work as a husband + wife team. But since I work full time at a screen print shop, I've been more of a shadowy figure in the background. The one Maddy talks about occasionally, but some may not believe is real. But with our impending rebrand, we decided that it's time for me to make my presence more apparent. Starting with my input on the whole restyling thing... 

First of all, we want Mad & Dusty to be more design focused. Our business has been many things since we've started. We did a little bit of this and a lotta bit of that. Designing, painting, printing, woodworking, etc. More or less taking any job that we could tackle, regardless of what it was. As time has gone on, we've gotten a better feel about how to run a business. Obviously we haven't nailed it, but we're getting there (fingers crossed!) We've refined who and what we are, so it felt like time for a refresh!

Right now, our business looks rather clean and safe. But that's not what we are. We're a little messy and we like to experiment and adventure! And we want that to be reflected in our business.

Maddy has a fun and youthful illustrative style that people love. And I've got a clean retro style focusing on design and type-layout. It may sound kind of boring, but it helps us balance each other out. Clients love the way our styles come together, so we want these things to be evident up-front. Which we'll hopefully be able to achieve as we walk ourselves through the same branding exercises we work through with our clients.

How to Build a Brand Inspiration Board

MADS: When we first started, we had trouble with our brand. We were trying to build a brand around something that wasn’t fully formed. Luckily we were getting married and a designer friend was able to gift us with a logo. (Thank you Joey!) That got us started and gave us the confidence to move forward. Now that we’ve grown and been working on this thing for a while, we noticed some things were off. The brand we were in person was not syncing up with what’s online.

Our site was (is) clean and structured, but our house is chaotic and eclectic. There’s no clean white space. Our home is full of video games and roommates and old things getting renovated by Dusty. It’s even in the suburbs. I can’t keep a plant alive, let alone Instagram it. I don’t like pineapples as a design element, even if you put them in gold foil. With all this working together, it seemed to me that we were doomed to failure. (When you think success is simply looking like everyone else.) I felt this discord around the beginning of February. Our brand started to feel like clothes that will never fit right, no matter how much you tug on them.

I felt lost. Like I wasn’t matching up with who I wanted to be and just couldn’t catch up. There’s the good aspirational “I want to be more…” and then the bad aspirational “I want to be more because what I am now isn’t good enough.” I was operating in that second space for a good while, and probably will always navigate back there from time to time.

I was juggling too much, not sleeping and we were saying yes to everything. I was looking for that job, that client, that goal achieved, that affirmation to say, “Yes, you’ve finally made it. You can sit with us.” But no matter how hard I worked, how much family time I sacrificed, I wasn’t hearing that.


I think I finally realized it was because I didn’t need to hear that. God wasn’t holding his affirmation out of reach on purpose to show me who’s boss. (Really a thing I had believed for a while.) God had already given me affirmation. I was sitting at the right table, wearing the right clothes and just staring with envy at all the other tables. Yuck. Even writing that physically hurts my fingers as I type. Chasing that sort of affirmation through your work is not a healthy way to operate, no matter your profession, but especially as a creative. That sort of chase makes it incredibly hard to be authentic. You’re too busy trying on the brand that “works” and not exploring your own person.

I had been so busy jamming ourselves into “the right” persona online, that we were missing out on the chance to communicate a lot of what makes our brand unique. We weren’t telling anyone what makes us fun to work with or why we love to design and who we love to design for. So, yeah, basically what Dusty said with a side of all the feels


Since we are two people forming one brand, we both created separate mood boards. They look kinda Different Don't they? Sign up for next week's dispatch to see how we merged them!

Studio Update


Well hello there! It’s been a while. Dusty and I have been in midst of finishing up some great projects. A digital store for Ember Yoga, digital and print annual report for the Kula Project, and other amazing projects with good people. I will be writing Behind the Scenes / The Making of’s for each of them, but mostly I just wanted to say HEY! It’s been too long! How is it already March? Where is 2016 rushing off to? Here’s a few things going on:

No Makeup March

This deserves a full post in itself. It got to be March 6th and I realized I hadn’t worn makeup all month. So I decided to go all in and commit to this as an actual thing. Both amazing and terrible things have been happening to my skin, ego, and time. It’s crazy how changing up one little thing can teach you so much about yourself.

A Business Coach

I’m so excited! I met with a business coach a few weeks ago. I am so excited to have some help working out the kinks in my business and in the way I think about it. Specifically how I relate to it and how it relates to my family. If you want to meet her, (you want to meet her), you can find her here. Here's to clarity! 

We’re Not Moving

So we were moving. Then we weren’t moving. Then we were. It was all confusing. After crunching the numbers, we just couldn’t justify the move. We were looking forward to starting out in a new place, so it was kind of a gut punch to realize we weren’t able to do it. Good thing Woodstock is awesome! I grew up here, in this same house. I remember the Cub Foods and the Country Corner, before there was a Target or Starbucks in sight. Now Woodstock is all fancy with a hoppin’ downtown, green trail, and a growing arts community.

The Paint Love Art Auction

Paint Love is hosting it’s first ever art auction! It’s on April 17th from 6 - 9 PM at the beautiful Solarium in Decatur. Tickets are $20 in advance. Catering is from Victory Sandwich Bar. Artist Miranda Kyle will be leading a metal pour, like this project but on a much bigger scale. You don't want to miss it. Plus if you're interested in donating art, you can score free tickets! Let me know. You can find more info on the event here.

Projects in the Works

I have been painting and lettering a ton of circles lately. I'm considering branching out the circle project to more mediums. I’m partnering up with Heidi Rew and her blog Parties for Pennies to create Parties in a PDF. The first few have been collaborations with other designers, but there’s a really exciting, illustrated, one coming out soon! On the internal side: Dusty and I are in the midst of reorganizing and redesigning our site. The cobbler's kids are always the last to get shoes, ammiright? 

Thanks for hanging in there with us! What’s going on with you? How are things? Are you ready for spring?

Mad + Dusty