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Linesheet Design for THROW

Line Sheet Design for THROW / Mad & Dusty

One of the best parts of my job as a designer is meeting new people! I met social entrepreneur Lauren Glass through Plywood People. (Thank you, Chelsea!) Lauren runs a nonprofit called Beds4Kids. Her organization provides beds to kids and teens in need in East Tennessee, the Greater Atlanta area, and Birmingham. After 5 years of struggling to keep Beds4Kids funded, she wanted to find a way to make the organization as self sustainable as possible. From there, she decided to start a socially based pillow company called THROW.

Line Sheet Design for Social Retail Companies / Mad & Dusty

On top of helping fund Beds4Kids, all the THROW pillows are screen printed by the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Each purchase gives back by providing a job to the visual and hearing impaired and brings beds to kiddos in need. Pretty amazing right?

Graphic Design for Socially Responsible Retail Companies like THROW

THROW needed a linesheet to bring to markets and send to wholesale buyers. I love working with socially conscious retailers (like The Root Collective), so I was overjoyed to work with Lauren on this. Lauren and I started by pulling together an outline and all the copy I’d need to design the line sheet.

Order sheet and line sheet design for THROW / Mad & Dusty

THROW’s brand is clean and crisp. I used this same clean style on the line sheet to make sure her products stay front and center. We needed to include a lot of information for buyers, so breaking up the text with images and stand out quotes was important.

2016 Line Sheet Design for THROW / Mad & Dusty

I realized this as I was working: You don’t stop needing a designer once your logo and website is done. As you grow as a brand, you’ll need small and medium design pieces. These projects are some of my favorite. I love getting into a comfortable flow with my client and together we make awesome things happen quickly. There’s so much joy in these projects. :) Thank you so much, Lauren!