Super Last Minute Mother's Day Printables

Super Last Minute Mother's Day Printables

Mother's Day is a sneaky holiday. You think you have all the time in the world, and then suddenly it's the day before! YIKES! On top of that, my baby sister is moving today! I knew this weekend would get away from me, so I woke up early and drew these up! Then converted into printables, because I know there's at least a few people out there like me. 

Hello 2016! (New Years Coloring Printables)


Dusty and I are enjoying our rest a little bit too much. (Is that even possible?) With all the rest and relaxation, I am starting to get excited for the year to come. I love that feeling - I've missed it! The past month or so has been pretty tough. I’ve been battling some serious burnout on top of being sick for 2 weeks straight. (Also, emotional stuff, ahem, go away depression!) I’m always amazed at the true power of rest. It is amazing the way our bodies recover when we allow them to rest! My heart is feeling lighter and my body less achey. I've been watching all the Jurassic Park movies, listening to John Denver and sleeping so much. I’m feeling pretty excited to jump into 2016! What about you? Have you made any intentions for the new year?


I am thinking through a few. I want to set one around health, one around family, and one around art making. I’m nervous to set high and lofty goals for a whole year at a time. If I've learned anything this year, it's that so much can change in a day! The best New Year's resolution I can come up with is that I want to build in more time for gratitude each day. We will see what that looks like! 


This year has been BIG for the Beaulieu’s. We didn’t make New Years cards this year, but here are the highlights according to me:

We celebrated one year of beautiful, hilarious marriage. We started a business and worked on some amazing projects, like this, this and this. We’ve seen Paint Love serve over 894 children and teens through 33 wonderful events. We went from four to six nephews in a single day, and we found out that we have a niece or nephew Beaulieu due in 2016! YAS! Dusty taught his first painting class. I joined my first small group. I read, practiced yoga at a beautiful studio, wrote and dreamed, while Dusty completed some awesome woodworking projects. We did so many fun things I would never think to do on my own: metal concerts, Star Wars premier showing, and birthday trip to Nashville. I am telling you, I'm pretty boring without this guy! He's so cool!

This year was tough, but I think it was my favorite yet. So full of gratitude for everyone who was along for the ride! Thank you!

Enjoy these New Years coloring printables and the above phone backgrounds. (Download the high res coloring PDF here.) I made them 5x7 - easy to frame or make into cards. :) Would love to see what you make - tag me @madsbeaulieu! Have a safe and happy New Year!