The Toolbox: An Ever-Updating List of Resources for Makers + Designers

List of tools and resources for makers and designers. The Toolbox from Mad & Dusty.

Finding the right tools for your small business can be tough! Dusty and I have come across some great resources as we build our business. Welcome to our toolbox! This is a list of tools that have made our lives as makers and designers a whole lot easier! Consider us your encouraging wingwoman/wingman as you break into the freelance dance. We will be constantly updating as we find new things, so check back soon!

(Are we missing the best thing ever? Have a suggestion? Leave a comment below!)

Graphic Design

Email Marketing

  • Mailchimp for intelligent email marketing and easy to design newsletters.

Websites + Portfolios

Writing and Blogging

  • Hemingway Editor for keeping your writing clear and kicking passive voice to the curb. Unless, that's your thing.
  • Headline Analyzer for writing better, clickable headlines.

Social Media

Project Management 

  • Trello for managing a small to medium workload.
  • Asana for when you have a large or heavy workflow.
  • Google Calendar for giving yourself time to work and time to not. 


  • Etsy for small batch makers looking to be part of a community. 
  • Squarespace for when you need simple, beautiful ecommerce.
  • Shopify for when you need both POS and ecommerce. They get a high five for allowing you to sell on Facebook and Pinterest too!

Accounting + Money Management 

  • Freshbooks for time tracking, invoicing and accounting all in one. 
  • Tax Jar for painless sales tax reporting & filing for online retailers. 

Emotional Support and Avoiding Burn Out

So what do you think?! Were you using any of these? Do you know of better versions?