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I have been immersed in the wonderful world of blogging and online publishing since joining the team at Handmade Charlotte. The women and men working in this space are incredible + incredibly hardworking. There is such a willingness in this field to embrace all parts of life and not accept that we have to choose work over family or family over work.

I have been pondering on that principle for a long time now. Is it really possible to have both? Recently, I found an article on Design Mom that spoke to me + I thought I'd share it with you. 

My favorite quote:

“I never worried about what the business looked like to other people, and I created my own paradigm for a modern mother in business. I never tried to conceal that we had kids and dogs running and barking in the background, nor tried to stop my mother walking into the office during a meeting. I embraced this early as my brand, and I was proud of it. I refused to embrace the compromise of work versus family – I was determined to have it all in one place, one self-perpetuating organism.” Mia Galison

I think - yes, and no. You can have it all, but you can’t have all of it at the same time all the time.

You must choose what you want and pursue it with determination and intensity.

Kids and work and a good marriage are not mutually exclusive.

Kids + work + insanely and constantly romantic marriage + perfectly clean home + always being on time + amazing hair + x + y + z at all times is exclusive. None of those things have ever happened to me all at the same time, not even on the days I feel most “balanced” and content.

I have felt incredibly loved, while working hard on my dreams while having a bad hair day. I have sat in a freshly clean home, then made it to a doctor’s appointment on time with my spouse. No roses were present, yet I still felt so content and “balanced” sitting next to him in the waiting room. 

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