The Kula Project invests in the dreams and businesses of coffee farmers in East Africa.

We are honored to work on several projects with Sarah Buchanan and her team.

"I just want you to know how many positive messages I have received about our annual report! We couldn't be happier. Sign us up for next year!" - Sarah Buchanan, The Kula Project

The Kula Project 2015 Annual Report

The print version of the annual report was created to give to donors, board members and close supporters. The Kula Project was able to print these in small runs as needed. Mad & Dusty also designed a digital version of the annual report. We built this right into the Kula Project's Squarespace site. 


The design concept and layout were the first two objectives.  

Madison met with the Kula team to go over a layout, flow and possible page layouts. We worked as a team with Kula to determine what information needed to be included and what information needed to be front and center.  


After our layout and outline was confirmed, we began working on a creative concept around the piece. We looked through Kula's current branding and talked about their future goals with their brand. We decided on clean fonts, and a simple layout to let their beautiful photography shine through. Throughout the report, we used hand drawn elements to play off the structure and clean fonts. 


After the introduction, the annual report started off with this quote from James, a Kula farmer. He said to Sarah, "Now, we can see a new light, and I can promise you that we will continue to follow it." 


We loved the visual imagery associated with this quote. We brought a hand drawn line through the piece. Page by page, you can follow the line from the opening page to the end. 


The Kula Project For the Farmer Campaign Card


One of our first projects with Kula was a 5 x 7 info card for their For the Farmer campaign.

The Kula Project needed a small print piece that would tell their story and show what an amazing impact they were having in Rwanda. The Kula Project has been able to reuse this card with minimal updates each year.


Project Credits: The Kula Project photography, Bobby Neptune; Photography of the print pieces, Angie Webb