Madison Beaulieu is a graphic designer and artist. 

About a year into Mad & Dusty, I realized I needed a personal brand for my paintings, blogging and styling work. This was a fun passion project for me and allowed Dustin and I the space to better refine our company together. 

Squarespace Site

My personal site didn't need to do too much, so it was a simple build out. I had put together a starter brand of 2 colors, a couple fonts, and a logo of my own handwriting.

I wanted to keep the site very simple, but full of rich photography.

One of the most important features of the site was email capture. I knew I wanted to start building a strong list, so I made my fun and free email sign up page one of the primary menu items.


Line Sheet

In order to get my paintings in stores, I needed a line sheet containing my policies and current product offerings.

I spent a good amount of time styling and photographing my most recent paintings. When you are a small brand, photography is everything.