Hey Maker!

Here’s all you need to know for setting up at Reformation Brewery for your Maker’s Mash event. I am so thankful you will be a part of the summer series!

Setting Up

The Maker’s Mash is every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 1-6. Set up begins at 12.

Reformation Brewery is located at 105 Elm St, Woodstock, GA 30188.

We are able to set up inside or outside depending on the weather. Each individual maker can make their own call on this.

If you’re setting up inside, the best place to unload would be on Oak Street. You can pull up, turn on your flashers and unload. After you unload you are able to park your car around downtown Woodstock for the day. Booth spaces inside are 6x4 feet. You will need to bring your own table and/or display. Below is a sample layout of the upstairs space.


If you’re setting up outside, the best place to unload would be on Elm Street. Elm Street is a one way, so you will not be able to stop your car. You can park in the lot across from Elm Street or on Market Street to unload. Outside, we will be set up on the gravel facing Reformation, just like the Tuesday night Farmer’s Market set up. You are able to bring a 10x10 tent and fill that space however you like. You will need to bring your own table and/or display. Below is a photo of the outdoor set up for reference.


Social Media

Facebook Event, share share share!

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Instagram Account, follow and share about your giveaway

Sign Up for the Mash Mailing List, join and never miss an event update, we have some exciting plans for the fall


I’m always open and looking for feedback! It takes a village to pull this off and I am so thankful to not be in this alone. If you have ideas or suggestions, please fill out this survey.

Important Contacts

Madison Beaulieu, Founder of the Maker’s Mash, Event Coordinator May + August
678-787-8572, madsbeaulieu@gmail.com

Liz Williams, Owner of The Cranberry Hedgehog, Event Coordinator for June + July Events
770-826-7105, lgroove53@gmail.com