Paint Love brings creative workshops to Atlanta area youth who face poverty or trauma.

We've worked with Paint Love on several projects including their initial branding, Squarespace site and Art Auction materials. 

"Mad & Dusty's design work elevated our brand. It has been over a year and I still get compliments almost once a week on how wonderful our site looks. We are so proud of the look and feel Mad & Dusty created for Paint Love. They have become passionate partners and we know they have our best interest in minds when designing and creating." - Julie McKevitt, Paint Love

Paint Love Logo and Branding 

Creating branding design for Paint Love was such an honor. We began by researching the different audiences that would come in contact with the brand. We decided we had three distinct audiences: donors, volunteers, as well as the children and teens Paint Love serves through arts programming. With this information, we created a logo that is classic and flexible enough to be professional and fun at the same time. 


Why Branding?

Branding design might be the first big investment you make as an organization. Good branding will help clarify your story and impart a visual tone that is recognizable across channels. Your logo, type and colors will work as a foundation for everything else you do.


Why a Website?

Along with branding, your website is one of the best investments you can make in the early stages. A clean, well designed, mobile ready website imparts professionalism and serves as your home on the web. More important that how your website looks is what it does.


Paint Love Website

We had the pleasure of redesigning the Paint Love Website in 2015. We continue to help keep the site up to date and add new functions that make it easy for volunteers to see and sign up for event opportunities, donors to sponsor individual events and opportunities.

Paint Love hosted their first art auction in the spring of 2016.

Mad & Dusty was brought on board to create the screen printed paper invitation and all those small bits of design that help an event run smoothly. We created bid sheets for each piece of art, a check out form, and name tags for each of the Paint Love artists. 


As part of the art auction, Paint Love curated a gallery of images from their past events.

We brought these images together to be printed on canvas with descriptions. Guests were encouraged to walk through and see all the project highlights reinforcing the variety of projects Paint Love hosts. The gallery also helped potential donors put faces to the stories. 


Project Credits: Photos of the work, Angie Webb; Photos of the Art Auction, KVC Photography